What happens if my cat becomes ill during her stay at Howpark?

We always encourage pre-booking visits to the cattery If you like what you see and decide to book with us we will ask about your cat`s medical history including allergies, any prescribed medication and the name and contact details of your own vet. We will also ask for details of how we can contact you in an emergency. All this information is very important should your cat become ill whilst in our care. If your cat requires veterinary treatment we do our utmost to take your cat to your own vet . Sometimes however, this is not possible and we would consult our own cattery vet. Any treatment prescribed will be carried out throughout your cat`s stay. We would of course keep in contact with you during this time.

Our prices include veterinary insurance cover during your cat`s stay. Please note this cover does not include pre-existing conditions. Payment of vets bills for treatment for pre-existing conditions are the responsibility of the owner not the cattery.

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