Will my cat be warm enough in your cattery during cold weather. She is an indoor cat and is used to living in a warm house.

These days cats generally come from central heated homes and we aim to replicate these temperatures in our cattery. Our units are very well insulated and each has it`s own overhead heater. Each heater has a plug in digital thermostat which gives an easily read, reliable check on temperature.

In the colder months we have transparent perspex weather screens in place. These purpose made screens keep out wind and rain but allow natural light into the cattery. These screens are easily removable when warmer weather comes. We make sure our guests are cosy and warm even in the coldest weather. The winter picture of the cattery on our gallery page shows the screens in place.

I have never used a cattery before. I am worried that my cat might not be ok

Most cats settle into the cattery environment with no problem. Cats like routine, and quite quickly adapt to the routine of the cattery day, and soon feel secure in their individual units. Having their own bedding, scratching posts toys etc with their familiar smell all help to reassure nervous new guests.

Feliway plug in diffusers are available to help settle new or nervous cats.

My cat is a poor traveller. How can I make the journey to your cattery less stressful for him and me?

Most cats do not make particularly happy travellers, but with a little planning, a car journey may not always be a stressful experience for owner and cat. Our own cats have become calm travellers over time, by us following a few simple rules.

The following tips may help you make the journey to the cattery easier for you and your cat.

  • Firstly, do have a suitable carrier for your cat. A good quality carrier large enough for your cat to stand up, sit down and turn around comfortably is most important. Top loading ones are good.
  • Take time for your cat to become accustomed to their carrier well before the journey. Leave it in view, not hidden away, making it a familiar part of his surroundings. Leave the door open, cosy bedding inside and encourage your cat to go in and out. At first, a few treats placed inside might help. When the time comes for the journey your cat will at least be used to his carrier.
  • Don’t feed him for several hours before the journey. He will be much less likely to be sick if travelling on an empty stomach.
  • Consider using a calming product, such as, Feliway, Pet Remedy or Zylkene before your journey. (Ask your vet about these).
    We are happy to spray your cat’s carrier with Feliway or Pet Remedy for the journey home. These calming products certainly help our own cats before their car trips.

Other tips for less stressful travelling

  • Line the carrier with a puppy training pad or a towel in case of accidents.
  • Once in the car secure the carrier with the seatbelt, drive smoothly, avoid sudden braking, turn down the radio and talk calmly to him.
  • Your cat may be very vocal during the journey, but usually it does not mean that he is distressed, but just expressing his dislike of the situation he is in.

Are you open all year round?

We close twice during the year (These dates will be posted on the website) The rest of the year we are open 7 days a week.

We use our closing times to attend to essential maintenance to keep the cattery in good order and to have a break ourselves.

Why do you charge by the day?

We charge a full day`s board for each day our guests stay with us including the first and last day. The unit is available for your cat only on those days. After you collect your cat, (anytime during opening hours) we start the very important task of cleaning, then disinfecting, the unit. We then prepare it for the arrival of a new guest the following day.

What happens if my cat becomes ill during her stay at Howpark?

We always encourage pre-booking visits to the cattery If you like what you see and decide to book with us we will ask about your cat`s medical history including allergies, any prescribed medication and the name and contact details of your own vet. We will also ask for details of how we can contact you in an emergency. All this information is very important should your cat become ill whilst in our care. If your cat requires veterinary treatment we do our utmost to take your cat to your own vet . Sometimes however, this is not possible and we would consult our own cattery vet. Any treatment prescribed will be carried out throughout your cat`s stay. We would of course keep in contact with you during this time.

Our prices include veterinary insurance cover during your cat`s stay. Please note this cover does not include pre-existing conditions. Payment of vets bills for treatment for pre-existing conditions are the responsibility of the owner not the cattery.

Do you accept cats on medication at your cattery?

We are happy to accept cats on routine medication. All we ask is that you provide us with a sufficient supply for your cat`s stay and clear instructions for administering it.

What vaccinations does my cat need to have?

For all cats staying with us it is essential that they have been vaccinated against the ‘core’ infectious diseases. These are FPV (feline enteritis) and FHV and FCV, both respiratory viruses (Cat Flu). All cats must have had a primary vaccination course (two injections three to four weeks apart) followed by an annual booster.

Vaccination against other infectious diseases such as FELV (feline leukaemia virus) is available. In catteries such as ours which are well constructed and managed, and where cats from different homes never come into direct contact with each other additional vaccinations are not necessary. Please be aware our Terms and Conditions state that we cannot accept cats without proof of vaccination. An up to date record card signed by your vet must be available for us to check when you arrive with your cat.

I am worried about leaving my lively kitten in a cattery can you reassure me that he will be ok.

Kittens are great fun to have in the cattery We love having kittens to stay. They can come to stay at Howpark two weeks after they have completed their primary vaccination course but not before. Kittens settle in very well. They enjoy the activity in the cattery and we keep them busy with extra playtimes.

I have an elderly cat who has never been in a cattery will she be ok in your cattery.

We have a number of elderly guests who stay with us. Our accommodation is ideal for the senior feline.

All our units are full height with no steps or ladders to climb. The units are cosy with overhead heaters to keep beds warm. On warm days our older guests are free to rest in their covered runs. We feed small meals more often for our older guests. Our elderly cat care is very much tailored around each cat`s individual needs.