Howpark Cattery is a small cattery consisting of 2 units suitable for families of up to 4 cats and 6 smaller units units for 1 or 2 cats. Only cats from the same home may share.

Our accommodation consists of spacious,

full height walk-in units, individually heated and insulated for comfort all year round. Each unit has its own covered outdoor exercise area fitted with shelves of varying heights. The walk-in units also have shelves ideal for viewing the world outside from the comfort of inside. The units open onto a corridor with secure doors at each end.

Each unit has an overhead heater controlled by its own digital thermostat. We keep our units cosy and warm at all times. Our walk-in full height units are suitable for all cats, no ladders for elderly or disabled cats to negotiate. There is a generous space between each unit to ensure effective air flow.

We provide beds and fleecy bedding, but you are most welcome to bring your cat`s own bed or bedding. We believe that something from home is important to help cats settle, especially those who are new to boarding. Toys, brushes/combs, scratching posts large or small are all very welcome.