About Us

Howpark is a small owner run cattery which ensures continuity of care. From a first time guest to a frequent guest we are able to give care tailored to each cat’s needs. We care for elderly cats, kittens, cats with disabilities, and cats with medical needs and make every effort to ensure that cats staying at Howpark have the best care to help them relax and enjoy their stay.

Marion Donovan owns the cattery and she and her husband Stephen share their home with their cat Charlie. Marion is responsible for cat care and the day to day running of the cattery. Stephen keeps the cattery buildings in good order, he is in charge of maintenance, but also very much enjoys getting to know our guests. Together we do our utmost to make sure cats who stay at Howpark are comfortable and relaxed in our care.

Marion is very experienced in all aspects of cat care in the cattery. She has cattery management qualifications and keeps up to date with relevant feline veterinary information and cattery management procedures.

Over the years she has enjoyed running her own small boarding catteries and has great satisfaction in welcoming cats and their owners to Howpark.